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Linyuan Stabile Qualität Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard fur Ipad and Tablets

Product Features:
1.Bluetooth Compatible with phone,Notebook, tablet, PC and Windows XP/VISTA/7/8, IOS4/5/6(iPhone and iPad) Android 3.1 higher?Mac OS X
2.Brightness grade can be adjustable , Use at indoor will better
3.Beep voice to remind your typing is wrong or not ,also can turn off .
4.Super Mini size and ultra-portable for mobility
Product Specification:
1.Quantity: 1
2.Keyboard layout: 100mm(H)*240mm(W)
3.USB Interface?USB 1.1 & 2.0, USB HID Ver. 1.0
4.Bluetooth: V3.0 (class 2), HID Profile Ver. 1.0
5.Lithium -ion battery capacity?1000mAH(Max) 3.7V
6.External power supply: USB power/ 5V 1A
Function Keys
1.FN + up / down arrow keys to increase / decrease the brightness of the laser.
2.FN + Left / Right arrow keys to increase / decrease the volume.
3.FN + P, on / off keyboard sound.
4.FN + K, on / off key voice broadcast function.
5.FN + mouse button to enter / exit the mouse mode.
6.FN + U / I, faster / slower mouse movement speed
1.Only Laser Keyboard+USB cable, other Accessories are not included.
2.Manual measurement may be some deviation, hope to understand, please refer to product-based.
3.Because each computer display different colors, may be related to physical and picture, hope to understand.
Package Content: (Send without retail package)
1.1* Laser Keyboard
2.1* USB cable
wireless keyboard,wireless
tablets,cell phone accessories
phone,phone accessories

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