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YAOYO V300 Mechanical Feeling Gaming Keyboard, 3 LED Color Backlit USB Woven Wired Game Keyboard with Anti-interference Magnetic Ring

YAOYO V300 Mechanical Feeling Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Feeling Keyboards
This keyboard can offer perfect mechanical keyboard hand feeling, from which you will get a super cool gaming experience. So it is the best partner and equipment that you can apply in your work and gaming competitions.

Ideal for Gamer
Full-size keyboard delivering a pure, fluid gaming experience, concave keys surface for fast fingertip response, high performance with competitive price.

Special LED Backlight
LED backlight to make it convenient for usage at night and it is energy saving. The LED brightness could be adjusted

Practical Design
Ergonomic tilt design, leaning design of human body with auxiliary adjustable stand, comfortable for you to use.

How to change the backlight of the keyboard?
FN+PS: enter breathing mode, 3 colors (red, blue, purple) change automatically.
FN+ SL: enter quick color change mode, backlight quickly switch from red, blue and purple; fixed back light mode under this mode.
FN+ up/down key: To increase/decrease LED brightness till maximum or off
FN+PB: enter fixed color mode, color changes from red, blue, purple
FN+ F1~F12 to unlock different multi-media functions of each button

Package included
1x Gaming keyboard
1x User manual

Size: 18.5 x 6.69 x 2.36 inch
Back light color: Blue, Red, Purple
Brightness: strong, medium, low
Mechanical Feeling Keyboard: This mechanical-feel gaming keyboard offers clear tones, perfect finger tips feeling while finger dances, so user experience is nearly the same to a mechanical one
Ideal for Gamer: The floating keys offer a pure gaming experience, anti-skid design, low-noise, the smooth and high-grade key response for ultra-fast double and triple taps when gaming. Its woven cable with magnetic ring can stops any interference which produces best signal transference
Cool Backlit Changeable Led: Features red/blue/purple LED backlights on keyboard with changeable breathing and permanent lighting mode create an extremely cool visual effect and make it easy type in the dark
Comfortable to Operate: USB plug and play mode, no additional software driver needed. High-quality ABS material and laser-etched for the keys construction to improve durability. Special Non-slip cap, splash proof and anti-shock design on keyboard to add stability
User-Friendly: Quickly control each function and switch to each mode, ergonomic design for long-term comfortable use and operate. Fit for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP

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